Case Studies #5

Radio Society of Great Britain

blob RadComSteve has been a regular contributor to RadCom, the Radio Society of Great Britain's member publication, for many years.

Recently, he has been one of the magazine's regular reviewers, looking at antennas, radios, ATUs and much more.

He also wrote a complete series of features on ionospheric propagation for RadCom. These, coupled with features on LF propagation from Alan Melia, were then made into a free downloadable PDF that has been read by hundreds of radio amateurs around the world.

Steve was also the author of the RSGB's book "Stealth Antennas", which looks at how radio hams can use disguised or low-profile antennas to make contacts.

He also produces a regular podcast on radio propagation, as well as producing monthly prediction charts. Steve is chairman of the RSGB's Propagation Studies Committee.


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